Katherine Kousi

Nominated as one of the 14 female emerging artists to look out for at Art Basel Miami, Katherine Kousi has already amassed a large number of collectors.
As quoted in an interview with Bob Perkins, “It is like she has 4D glasses in a world where the rest of us are wearing 3D. She could no more easily stop producing art that a wave could stop breaking on the beach.”
Katherine lives in Malibu, California. She has shown her work in Los Angeles, New York, Aspen, London, Miami and Switzerland. With each series, we are blown away. She is so prolific. Each series is completely different yet, you can’ t mistake her style. From butterfly wings to plastic piping, her style is unique as she is.

Untitled Mixed Media 108" x 76" $28,000

Mixed Media 40" x 50" $10,000

Mixed Media 24" x 36" $6,000

Mixed Media 106" x 53" $18,000

Mixed Media 46" x 72" $12,000

Mixed Media 48" x 48" $10,000

Mixed Media 40" x 50" $8,000

Mixed Media 48" x 48" $10,000

Mixed Media 29" x 42" $15,000

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