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Chase Lock

An expressionism artist primarily working with oils. Early in life, Chase came from a racing family and raced professional motocross, but always loved art. Chase picked up graffiti in his hometown of Minot, North Dakota. Located in a rural part of middle America, Chase found writing graffiti on trains as a way to carry his work from coast to coast, always knowing the day would come that he too would make the move to a city where he could thrive as an artist. That just so happened to be Los Angeles, California where he currently resides. His appreciation for layers and years of paint from different graffiti writers and legends coating the city eventually became meaningful and a staple in how he saw art as a whole. This carried over to his progression as a fine artist working with oils that gave him the ability to bring that same love of layers and texture from the streets to the studio where he continues to develop new bodies of original work on a daily basis. While the environment of where he paints today has changed…those early days and appreciation for what inspired him in the streets, the risks that came with it, and the relentless necessity to express and create at all cost had a profound impact on the artist he has become and perhaps the basis of the work he creates to this day. Those same risks he thrived on then can still be seen to this day and the way he expresses himself as a fine artist in todays world.

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