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Maurizio Battifora

Italian american artist that established my craft in Costa Rica, Miami, and Los Angeles over the last 15 years. Most of Battifora work is in private collections in Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, New York and Europe. Battifora's art is inspired by the Rococo style
with bright and flowing motifs and incorporates contemporary themes involving pop culture's obsession with celebrities and selfies; a style that has been a signature of his artwork for over a decade now.

His current “M.A”. series, is a representation of the original influencer, Marie Antoinette.
She is an icon and a modern-day metaphor for controversy, luxury, abundance, an unapologetic love of beautiful things and the power of reinventing oneself. This beautiful
head and everything she represents has been cut many times before, but keeps coming back.

"My artwork is a celebration of unashamed fabulousness. Like a work of art, The Queen is being examined, judged, loved, hated, and criticized as she looks back at us, with a defiant and unabashed stare. We don’t look at her she’s looking at us, as if she is
saying 'If you are coming for my head then you can just eat cake’”. Do we have to like it?, no, but we have to dealt with it.

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