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Redman is a local, mixed media artist whose works are comprised of found materials such as used surfboards and other recycled objects. His introduction to the arts began with his parents who collected art, especially his mother who worked with MOCA taking art collectors to meet with artists in their studios all over the world. Though he went to art school in North County, San Diego, he is a largely self taught artist who has experimented with a number of different mediums since he began in high school, including photography, painting, and sculpting. Originally from the San Fernando Valley, Redman was drawn to the Malibu community because of his passion for surfing, which continues to influence his works today. He has been living and surfing in Malibu for over 50 years, observing a sense of beauty both in and out of the water. His works aim to create a greater understanding and respect for the ocean, and he hopes to give back to the community by inciting more love and care for nature.

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