CAT CHATS - Hunter Blaze Pearson (part 1)

Welcome to the new Tracy Park Gallery Vlogs with Guirado Legacy. Catalina and Tracy will be chatting with our inhouse artists about their work, inspiration and how they got started in art. Each week the guests play 'Cat in the Hat' and pull a random question from the hat as well as consult the Art Oracles in this light hearted art inspired vlog that makes art accessable to everyone. Come and view the art in person and enjoy the Tracy Park Gallery hospitality Malibu style!


Meet Hunter Blaze Pearson a talented emerging artist from Malibu and part of the Tracy Park Gallery resident artists. You can learn more about him at his website but as Hunter is in the gallery on Thursday's why not come and visit him. He'd love to show you his art in person.



Catalina Guirado is a British/Spanish model & television personality turned art and design entrepreneur. As President of the Guirado Estate she continues the artistic legacy of her late father internationaly acclaimed Spanish painter Juan Antonio Guirado ( select works available at the TPG) and as an artist and designer herseself creating limited edition art prints, textiles, bespoke interior design and NFTs under the Guirado Legacy brand. Catalina is at the TPG Tuesdays.

Learn more about her at

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