vibrational realms to help unlock secrets of the mind. A purveyor of the human psyche, Chloe translates esoteric elements of existence, purpose, love and connection into symbols and metaphors
Chloe creates her complex, layered, deeply saturated artwork with joy and spontaneity. By allowing the text, symbols, colors and composition to flow through her and onto the canvas, she taps into pure creativity. Inspired by the vast range of human experience along with a deep connection to the spiritual realm, Chloe connects with her audience through the beauty of her visions, the intensity of her soulful emotions and sincerity of her intention. She knows that creating something with passion and purpose infuses it with that energy. Her goal is to inspire, awaken, touch and uplift others with her work.

Aztec Woodburned Board 6ft 2"- Chloe Trujillo

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