“Deep Thoughts By Mick Jagger” Mick Jagger in Franklin Canyon Park      December 8, 1965, Beverly Hills, California 40” x 60 3 x AP $7500 


Bob Bonis, accompanied the Stones on a album cover shoot in Franklin Canyon Parkand in this photograph of Mick Jagger silhouettes him in profile resembling a Richard Avedon portrait.  

Deep Thoughts By Mick Jagger

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  • Bob Bonis (1932-1992) began his career as a talent agent at MCA in New York City in the late 1950s. When MCA dissolved the agency, Bob started a jazz management firm working with a variety of jazz and big band performers including Frank Sinatra, Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Harry Belafonte, and others. Standing 611" and weighing over 200 pounds, Bob cut an intimidating figure- and earned a reputation for being able to deal with the "wise guys" that ran a lot of the jazz clubs. Because of this ability, he was tapped to serve as The Rolling Stones' tour manager for their first ever US tour. According to Bill Wyman in his book, 'Stone Alone -The Story of a Rock n Roll Band', when Bob was asked to go on the tour, his initial reaction was that he didn't want to go out on the road anymore, he said he wasn't a fan of rock 'n' roll. But, according to Wyman, when he saw the famous article from Melody Maker entitled 'Would You Let Your Sister Marry A Rolling Stone?' Bob responded that's a great sales pitch, and agreed to manage the tour. Bob did a great job of getting The Stones where they needed to be on time. Quite a feat considering that the "bad boys" of the British Invasion worked hard for their terrible reputation for trouble. His experience with them was quite the opposite, and he developed a great friendship with them that lasted long after his role as their tour manager ended. His success with The Stones' tour led the band's management office in England to recommend him to Brian Epstein for the same role with The Beatles for all three US tours.

    From his comment "I'm not a fan of Rock N Roll" to becoming the tour manager of the two most iconic bands in Rock history, set in to motion an amazing journey for Bob Bonis. Armed with a passion for taking pictures on his Leica M3 when he had a free moment, led us to the images we are enjoying here tonight. This treasure trove of over 5000 images in total were found in Bobs basement by his son after nearly a half century, he took these amazing pictures from 1964-1966 most of which have never before been seen, published, or sold.