Juan Antonio Guirado - 'Flores del Futures X' Oil painting on paper & Twin NFT




Born in Andalucia Spain, Juan Antonio Guirado is considered a Spanish painter of historical importance by academics. He exudes a visionary feel with his paint strokes as he began to focus on environmental concerns and the consequences of climate change well before they occupied so many pages of our media and were a trend. His visionary mind earned him the title of  'An Artist with an Eye on the Future' and 'The 21st Century artist' by journalists in 1976.

His relationship and understanding of the natural environments plight was radical from his early landscapes. On an initial journey from Andalucía to Australia, Juan Antonio Guirado found a medium to illuminate his canvases, one of spirituality and nature creating art to be viewed with the third eye.

 Within his works we can find a trajectory through the most profound Spanish tradition, with reproductions of its landscapes and its people; but we can also find great attention to the problems of society, humanity, the environment, and the condemnation of situations that are very current. The importance of his work resides in the relevance of his themes. His work forces us to look within ourselves to be able to reflect on what is happening around us. In his work, we can see the influence of Gauguin, Kandinsky, Abstract Expressionism, and Bosch. 

The Guirado Estate is releasing select works on the secondry market for the first time in the US due to rising demand in the artists relevance to our society and new interest from young collectors wishing to invest in what is regarded as one of the overlooked artists of his generation.

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'Flores del Futures X' - Juan Antonio Guirado

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  • Juan Antonio Guirado

    'Flores del Futures X'

    OIl on Paper & Twin NFT

    19.5 x 25.5 inch

    Each painting comes with a minted Twin NFT and certification of authenticity from the Guirado Estate.